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“When the astonished gods behold it as they fly by in their aerial chariots, they always speculate upon it at length, saying ‘This must be a natural abode of Siva; for such beauty is never seen in an artificial construction’; even the artisan who created it was (himself) suddenly amazed, and said: ‘I cannot bring myself to endeavor to create such a thing again; how is it that I made this?’”
— Baroda Copper Plate Inscription of Karkaraja II

Aurangabad is an industrial city with a strong economy and many world renowned wonders. It should be as famous as Agra but poor accessibility has restricted its fame from reaching all corners of the globe. Like the Devagiri Fort, this city has great potential to move people.

The caves and temples at Ajanta and Ellora are divine. The Kailash temple can match the Taj Mahal any day. I personally consider it superior to the Taj Mahal in many ways. It, for one, unlike the latter, is a true product of the unbroken chain of civilization known presently as India.

Unlike the faux Taj Mahal, ‘Bibi Ka Maqbara’, which is a very poor imitation of the original, the Panchakki is a more original work, which highlights both architectural ingenuity and the far reaching renown of Aurangabad which brought its patron saint all the way from Russia.