The Athens of America

“Massachusetts has been the wheel within New England, and Boston the wheel within Massachusetts.

It has therefore been the source and fountain of the ideas that have moved and made America, and is, in a high and honourable sense, the hub of the New World”
— Rev. Foster Barham Zincke

This is where the Mayflower landed four centuries ago, leading to the region being aptly named ‘New England’. From being initially settled by religious conservatives to becoming one of the most liberal cities, Boston has always blended the old with the new.

Today buildings from when the nation was born stand proudly next to soaring skyscrapers. Both are inhabited by a population that is among the most highly educated in the country. Not surprising since Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are both a stone's throw away.

Beantown is a heaven for food lovers and sports fans. With a host of successful sports teams representing the city, its sporting influence spans far and wide, with a Boston Sports Bar even in Changi Airport, over fifteen thousand kilometers away. It’s a pity they don't serve Boston clam chowder there.