Mecca of the World 

“You could get LSD fresh made from Stanford. You could sleep on the beach at night with your girlfriend. California has a sense of experimentation and a sense of openness—openness to new possibilities”
— Steve Jobs

This is where it all happens: Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Stanford University. This utopia could easily become its own country and still edge out nations like France and India in terms of economic output. This is where dreams become reality and dreamers become legends.

This is one of nature's greatest temples. From the wild west deserts in the South to the lush hills and valleys in the North. Magnificent black bears roam about brooks and streams hunting for salmon. Where ancient forests of giant redwoods stand tall and see the limitless reaches of the eternal sky.

The gold rush never really ended in the Golden State. While the object of desire changed with each passing age, the dream remained the same. The California Dream lives on stronger than ever, beckoning people from all corners of the world to a land of new beginnings and great opportunity.