Southern Powerhouse of India

“The city is filled with film posters. The heroes are fat, balding and have thick mustaches and the heroine next to them is a ravishing beauty.”
— Chetan Bhagat

I only spent a day in Chennai and I was not too unhappy to leave. The weather was atrocious: high temperatures matched with equally high humidity, even late into the night. The roads were congested and poorly maintained. The drivers were same as those in New York.

However, I am aware that there are many other aspects to this city. One does not stand the test of time by chance or good fortune alone. The people are very religious and adhere strongly to their culture and faith. There is a lot in the city and Tamil heritage the Tamil people can be proud of.

Nothing is permanent. Cities change. Some become better, some slip into disrepair. I hope the next time I am in Chennai I get to experience a different side of the city. The side that made it into the cultural, social, and political capital of South India and Dravidian Civilization.