Epitome of Civilization

“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle”
— Sun Tzu

A Forbidden City and Great Wall do not a civilization make. Modern China is not an imitation of the West, it is the flowering of its own ancient cultures and traditions in the modern age. China has a sense of destiny about it, a great calling, a great purpose. It engulfs you from the moment you set foot. The scale of transformation will shock anyone who witnesses it.

Shanghai and Beijing are beyond comparison with any other city. Looking out from the pinnacle of the Shanghai tower, the city never ends. Looking to either side on a flyovers you might be looking at the 15th floor or higher of a building. The energy is incredible. No coffee needed to wake up. Just to look out the window and see the sunrise and the nation rising is electrifying.

Everything is made in China, making it the world's factory and an economic powerhouse.  China cannot be understood or experienced completely in one lifetime. There might not be any dragons or emperors anymore but China has more to offer now than ever before. China is a superpower. The world is just coming to terms with recognizing it as one.