IT'S always sunny in Florida

“There’s enough land here to hold all the ideas and plans we can possibly imagine.”
— Walt Disney

Florida has its own unique character and charm. Likewise, every city in Florida, big or small, has its own unique character and charm. There are winding sand roads in quaint beach neighborhoods. There are also multilane highways connecting and running through major centers of commerce and industry.

People seem happier in Florida. It might just be the weather but there seems to be more than that at play. Perhaps it might be the close proximity to nature? Or perhaps it might be the abundance of everything it takes to make a life? Maybe happiness simply attracts more happiness?

There are those of the opinion that Florida is far too transient a place to hold any deep meaning for anyone. Then again, so is happiness and it holds immense meaning for all of us. Maybe not being attached to anything and enjoying those fleeting moments is really the key to happiness.