Industrial heartland of Europe

“Though remarkable for patient and laborious thought, the true German is a joyous child of freedom, fond of manly sports, a lover of music, and a happy man generally”
— Frederick Douglass

Germany is a very industrious place with a much faster pace of life and business-like attitude. There is quite a lot of beauty but very few people seem to stop and admire it. The main focus seems to be getting from point A to point B.

There are numerous medieval and gothic era building scattered even among places of commerce and industry. They are maintained as vestiges of a former past, ordinarily ignored amid the new industry and commerce happening all over the place.

It must be nice to be German. To be part of a rich and successful heritage that has survived more than most and continues to prosper amidst new challenges and opportunities. If they spoke english, many more people would make Germany their home.