Vestiges of a glorious past

“This is no ordinary hilltop fortress, but a citadel that has directed the destinies of Hindustan”
— Amitabh Bachan

Gwalior was once a great city. People travelled far and wide to experience its refinement and take part in its commerce. Even during the time of Indian Independence it remained a city to rival Delhi and Agra. Something changed since then and the decline has been glaring and vivid.

The Gwalior Fort is one of the finest forts in all of India and perhaps the world. It is a world in itself and undoubtedly has not revealed all its ancient secrets yet. The incredible history of science, spirituality, wealth, and culture is sharply contrasted by the forlorn ruins that remain.

The challenge of cultural heritage is not in its creation but in its preservation. We lost our way when we turned inward and became decadent; blissfully unaware all self-indulgence comes to a bad end. We lost so much that whatever remains is apocryphal and tainted.