A Tale of Two Cities

“Golconda from which Hyderabad sprang has no recorded history until king Ganapati, the Kakatiya King built a fort on the pick of the rocky mountains”
— Ababu Minda Yimene

The city of Hyderabad was always two cities, one city of the rich, and the other of the poor. Neither side knew how the other lived or trusted each other. There was the Nizam who was the richest man in the world and his sizeable family and ministers. There were the millions of destitute poor, unable to share in the riches of this Golconda.

Golconda is where the fabled mines, lost for posterity through the centuries, from where almost all the famous diamonds originated. These diamonds today are prized possessions of monarch and legendary figures around the world. The Heart of the Ocean in the Titanic film was from these fabled mines.

Hyderabad is an old city, similar to the Golconda fort that still survives. It has a rich and varied history, a strong and unique culture, so much promise that still remains to be realised. History does not so much repeat as it rhymes, which is good so the next coming of age might be a more inclusive one.