God’s Own Country

“Kochi, formerly called Cochin, is a former European settlement with a large Christian population and a seafaring heritage. It is a town of enormous charm that reminds some visitors of the Caribbean more than India.”
— Gary Weiss

Kochi is a bastion of freedom in India. The city, for millennia, has provided a safe haven for those seeking new shores, incorporating elements of their diversity into the very fabric of daily life. As a result, this is one of the most multicultural and liberal cities in India.

Fort Kochi is a not a place that can be explained in words but a place that everyone should experience, whether it be through Fort Kochi or another bulwark of freedom and openness through times immemorial. Fort Kochi is the embodiment of an island paradise.

Kochi is roaring ahead economically and is actually very underrated compared to cities such as Bangalore and Chennai. The city has all the hallmarks to become a global hub if it can continue on its current pace and reduce its dependence on the Middle East.