Suburbs of New York

“Without suburbs a city has no centre either.”
— Shuruppak

I have always had an affinity for islands. I have spent much of my life on islands. Islands are special places, very different from the mainland, which affects the lifestyle and culture of the locals. While most islands are isolated, Long Island is very much in the thick of it.

Long Island is the island next to Manhattan that extends over 100 miles into the Atlantic Ocean. This is where you can have the large suburban house with the backyard, front yard, inground pool, and still work a corporate job in a skyscraper located in the city of New York.

Long Island in many ways represents the will of New Yorkers to live the American Dream despite the many challenges associated with living the dream in this era. The tower windows in Manhattan reflect not just the suburbs of Long Island, but the hopes and dreams of the community that makes the city tick.