World's Most Livable City

“This will be the place for a village… Batmania”
— John Batman

People from Melbourne wonder why anyone would voluntarily choose to live elsewhere. They are not wrong. This is a fantastic city to live in. A vibrant, stylish, artistic place. Multicultural and cosmopolitan, culminating seamlessly the flavor of the past with the zest of the new.

There is incredibly natural beauty just outside Melbourne in Victoria. A short trip away, one the most scenic drives in the world, the Great Ocean Road, runs alongside the 12 Apostles. A parade of penguins or a display of seals can be enjoyed on nearby Phillip Island.

Melbourne has a charm about it. The innumerable quaint cafes, the countless art galleries, the multitude of museums, the street art, occasionally referred to as graffiti. The wonderful grid structure of the CBD. Open and inviting, yet still managing to hold on to its secrets. It all comes together to make this a most wonderful city.