Cultural and Economic Center of the Dairy State

“I sit at my desk
each night with no place to go,
opening the wrinkled maps of Milwaukee and Buffalo”
— Anne Sexton

Milwaukee is not a city many people would go out of their way to visit. That fact is testament to how inane and shallow most people are when deciding where to visit. I went out of my way to visit the largest city in the Dairy State and it remains one of my better decisions.

The genuine kindness and consideration people show one another and complete strangers is quite overwhelming at times. That quality itself makes this place as defensible as Rome, Paris, or London. This is mini-Chicago, with all of the good and very little of the bad.

Cities, in the end, are but a living memory of the people who lived there and those who continue their legacy. Milwaukee is a fascinating city with the charm and friendliness of a small town and the commerce and industry of a large metropolis. The world needs more Milwaukee’s.