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“More dreams are realised and extinguished in Bombay that any other place in India”
— Gregory David Roberts

Every balcony and every window has a metal grill, creating at once the illusion of a guarded paradise and a prison. However the only real prisons are the ones we create in our own mind, and in that respect, Mumbai, formerly Bombay, is a place of immense opportunity where anything is possible.

It is a city that provides millionaires opportunities to pursue riches while allowing millions to pursue their livelihood. It is a city of contrasts that meld seamlessly into the rich, flowing tapestry that makes it a melting pot of almost every single nationality and culture in the world.

The thing that is most striking about Mumbai is not the high-rise buildings or the number of companies headquartered there, but the social capital that is found among the inhabitants who call the city home. It is that social understanding that makes this city great.