Seven Ancient Cities Unite | A Microcosm of India

“Delhi—created at the end of the 12th Century from the ruins of seven ancient cities—is a microcosm of all India”
— Harry Shattuck

From the days of yore when it was known as Indraprasth, to the Delhi Sultanate of the Mughal and colonial period, to the present day capital of modern India, New Delhi represents the continuing existence of civilization and culture at the center of the subcontinent for the last 3,000 years.

Today, Delhi is home to the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judiciary of India and is a thriving city where new businesses and industries exist alongside ancient monuments. Its importance has made it into a satellite city, whose outer satellites are prominent engines of growth and prosperity.

While one can see the rich and varied heritage of the city everywhere, from the grand Red Fort to the elaborate Humayun’s Tomb, the best way to actually become a part of the experience is to visit the old town, Chandni Chowk, where one can truly experience a taste of the bygone eras.