The Big Apple 

“Is it beauty and genius they want to see? Do they seek a sense of the sublime? Let them come to New York”
— Ayn Rand

Upwards and skywards, that's the pulse of New York. The Five Boroughs unite like atriums of the heart, to make this the nerve center of the American Dream. If you can make it here you can truly make it anywhere. Where the richest and poorest live side by side on the miracle that is Manhattan.

This is the gravitational center of modern civilization. The city draws you in from wherever in the world you might be. From Empire State to World Trade, to Times Square and the Statue of Liberty. The romantic nexus between money and power is ubiquitous, from the Charging Bull of Wall St. to 5th Avenue.

There is something in the air that makes sleep useless. Transient yet eternal, the city is at once an incubator as well as a centrifuge of art, music, news, technology, language and life. Only in New York can one hope to belong, because one belongs as much the moment they arrive as they ever will.