Agreeably Pleasant

“What fetched me instantly (and thousands of other newcomers with me) was the subtle but unmistakable sense of escape from the United States.”
— H. L. Mencken

Oakland was named so because once upon a time the whole area was filled with ancient oaks. Today, one would be lucky to spot a few stumps left in place as a reminder of the once lush landscape. The Bay Area was not always as enlightened as they claim to be today.

But thats all in the past. California is always in a state of becoming. People who come to California seeking the good life, in search of the Californian Dream have always shaped the environment and been shaped by it. We shape our surroundings and afterwards our surroundings shape us.

What can be said about Oakland except that those who give it a chance tend to like it. It is cheaper than the city across the Bay Bridge. It is a whole lot more tolerable than Berkeley. It sure isn’t as dull as South Bay. Overall, it is the best of all worlds in the Bay Area.