Paris is Always a Good Idea

“All strangers love her, will always find her fair,
Because such elegance, such happiness,
Will not be found in any town but this:
Paris is beyond compare.”
— Eustache Deschamps

Paris is the most beautiful capital in the world. The whole city is a living, breathing museum. Art, history, culture and glamour stun you from every street and boulevard. The geometric grid layout of Paris makes it orderly, the monuments and edifices of Paris make it magical.

The river Seine is the sublime lifeblood that runs through the city, connecting the Eiffel Tower to the Notre Dame. Well manicured trees line the Champs Élysées, from where the Arc de Triomphe smiles at the Louvre. Every hour reveals a different side of the city, with all its magnificent shades.

The cabarets delight and impress with the grace and sophistication found everywhere in the city. The wine, the macaroons, and the French cuisine enlighten to the finer things in life. Perhaps no better culinary experience be found. Lucky indeed are the Parisians who can own this adventure through romance and beauty. The rest of us can only rent it.