Center of Islamic Culture

“Decades have passed on our unity and we had what we wished, a strong and modern state, a proud people living in dignity and maintaining their identity”
— Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi

Sharjah is a great place for anyone who is deeply pious in the Islamic faith. The city follows the same tenets of Islam as Saudi while having an indiscernible border touching Dubai. It provides an ideal environment for devotees.

The city is no Dubai. It is not even a poor man's Dubai even though that is one of its main selling points. The infrastructure is poor and badly organized. Freedom is decided by ancient texts. However, the people who live there are happy.

There are a few things worth seeing and doing for those interested in islamic thought and culture. The city is quite cheap compared to its renowned neighbor. It is well worth a visit for a day, if only to fully appreciate the miracle of Dubai.