The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

“The finest island of its size in all the world”
— Marco Polo

Whatever India has in all its vastness, Sri Lanka is a microcosm of that. The land has everything, mountains, valleys, greens and deserts along with lakes and waterfalls. The people are incredibly friendly. There is an abundance of everything, from wildlife to natural resources.

From the ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya in the heart of Sri Lanka, to the posh upmarket neighborhoods of Colombo, Sri Lanka has it all. You can go from the walled city of Galle to the hill station of Kandy in less than half a day while enjoying the beautiful tea country that is lavished around the rolling hills and mountains.

Their buddhist temples and monasteries are as serene as they are ancient. A certain calm dwells around them. A certain tranquility is found everywhere, as people from all faiths and walks of life live in harmony with each other. After all these years, the fortunate country is finally becoming fortuitous.