Top of Europe

“There is no more beautiful scenery or climate for summer travel than Switzerland presents. The people are industrious and honest, simple and frugal in their habits”
— Ulysses S. Grant

Switzerland is really beautiful. Here is a place that has snow even during peak summer. It does on the mountains at least. The many snow capped mountains and hills allow for a multitude of streams to cascade down the rolling slopes.

Jungfrau and Titlis are spectacular outposts and create the illusion of being in a giant treehouse during winter. It would be quite something to live on such a summit. To be surrounded by the vastness of whitewashed landscape is an experience to remember.

The people of Switzerland are a quiet lot and there isn’t a lot of visible activity going around. They do have lots of great cafes and quite a few of them provide hookah as well which only adds to the enjoyment of the quiet and rustic landscape.