Islets amid Pools of History

“A wise traveller never despises his own country”
— William Hazlitt

Another beautiful city that has seen the ravages of war and conquest. Yet, the city has somehow held on to its charm and vibrancy. Once you get acquainted with the place, there is a definite joy to be found exploring its hidden alleyways and numerous palaces and forts.

There are a fascinating assortment of islets to visit, each with its own palace complex or other attraction. There is a certain perfection in the art of converting these small sand banks into structures of great beauty. The people who built this city cared for it greatly.

Udaipur has all the potential to become a cultural powerhouse, like Venice or Paris. It is only limited by imagination and courage. There is a certain nostalgic allure about the place with all its unique heritage and traditions. It should be more widely known and experienced by more people.