City of Love

“The pleasant place of all festivity,
The revel of the Earth, the masque of Italy!”
— Lord Byron

The city pulls you in the moment you enter its heart through the arterial grand canal. Thousands of bridges, no two alike, adorning countless winding waterways. The enchantment is immediate, the charm lost on absolutely no one. You are never the same person after experiencing Venice.

A gondola ride serenading between the buildings of yore reminds of a simpler time. Time has a suspended quality here. Labyrinthine alleys and streets lead to discovery after discovery of churches and palaces of Gothic architecture taking one back to the beautiful renaissance, when Leonardo Di Vinci and Casanova roamed the city.

Venice is a romantic city. It inspires even the most cynical of possibilities that seem possible only on the floating masterpiece. Perhaps in another time those dreams will come to flower. Till then everyone who visits yearns to return, donning their masks to masquerade, with the Queen of the Adriatic throned on her hundred isles.