Political Capital of the World

“We have built no national temples but the Capitol; we consult no common oracle but the Constitution.”
— Rufus Choate

Washington, D. C., is quite a well designed and orderly city. It has got charm in abundance and history everywhere. The walk from The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, along Lincoln Memorial, detouring slightly at the White House, and ending at Capitol Hill is quite remarkable.

There have been so many attempts throughout history to create a separate political capital and most of them can't hold a candle to Washington. This is the only successful attempt that I know of and have had the privilege of experiencing first hand.

The White House is more impressive as a metaphor than as a structure. Somehow the awe it inspires from thousands of miles away is lost upon looking at it from up close. Still, it is not the size of the building that matters, but the stature of the individuals who have called it their home.