A Perfect Town

“I have never seen anything in my life as beautiful as Wellington harbor. Sydney is nothing to it. Great mountains all round coming down to the water’s edge – the far-off ones with snow on them. Blue sky and deep blue water and Wellington itself nestling on the side of the mountain.”
— Agatha Christie

Wellington is a fantastically well designed city that has all the amenities and opportunities of a larger city while retaining all the charm and community of a small town. Mount Victoria provides a splendid view of the whole city in all its windswept wonder.

There are plenty of interesting restaurants around the place and it would not be extraordinary to sight someone famous sitting and eating alongside you. The local film industry is very robust and Hollywood conducts a lot of its filmmaking in Wellington.

Peter Jackson is the local legend and rightly so. He has helped create a multi-billion dollar local industry around filmmaking and tourism. The people look up to him and jokes about confusing him for the cigarette brand are not well received by the otherwise well manner people.