A Labor of Love

“My soul, be satisfied with flowers,
with fruit, with weeds even; but gather them
in the one garden you may call your own”
— Edmond Rostand

I believe in capitalism however, this website was not created for profit. This site is entirely a labor of love that I created from scratch over a period of several years. It has undergone numerous transformations from when it was first conceptualized. Today, it is the end product of all those changes that evolved it over time.

Questions of why, what, and whether are only relevant when you are working on something you do not genuinely care about. I have never run a cost-benefit analysis on the time and energy I spent over the years on cultivating this little refuge of mine. Creating something beautiful was my way of maintaining sanity in a world gone mad.

All the world's a stage where we must always present our best. The internet will continue to revolutionize the world. The internet should be used to connect with other likeminded people. To collaborate. To innovate. To change things and make things better. This is why we must always reach out and be approachable.